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Finally, a printable vinyl/sticker paper that actually goes through my printer properly! I had tried several other (more expensive) brands and they kept jamming in my printer but this one went right through, no problems!
Excellent for stickers. Prints very clear and crisp, retains color well, and is very durable. It's never jammed my printer, and I've never had a wasted page.​
This was my first project on my Cricut. Print then cut. This product worked beautifully. Came quickly in excellent condition. I would buy here again.

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Royal Elements is a premium DIY crafting
brand that sells waterslide decal/printable
vinyl sticker paper, and adhesive vinyl on


  • waterslide decal paper
  • printable vinyl
  • adhesive vinyl
  • transfer tape
  • printable HTV
  • printable sticker paper
  • magnetic adhesive sheets


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Printable vinyl is one of those hidden gems in the crafting world. Recently it has receive a lot more attention, with a wide variety of options becoming available on market places such as Amazon. Some crafters may be away of Cricut printable vinyl for die-cuts, but to their surprise that there is much more to be explored. Not only is printable vinyl waterproof and tear resistant, it is also completely customizable and compatible with Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, and every other machine cutter…

Waterslide Decals vs Printable Vinyl

Waterslide decals and printable vinyl- which is better? The answer really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. 

The short answer is: waterslide decals are great for creating low-profile, slidable (adjustable even after placing them on a surface) decals, however their downside is that they must be sealed and covered to protect them fully.

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This posts shows you step by step how to create waterslide decals, including a list of materials, an infographic post, and a few tips and tricks to get started!

White vs Clear Waterslide Decal Paper- Which is Better?

So what exactly is the difference between white and clear waterslide decal paper? To point out the obvious- white waterslide paper is printed on a white background, whereas clear waterslide paper prints the decal on a clear background, meaning the background will blend in with the printed ink. The process is the exact same for both white and clear waterslide paper however the application is different….

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