4 Simple Steps to Create Your Own DIY Stickers!

While many attribute the invention of stickers to Sir Rowland Hill, whose adhesive papers went on to become the first postage stamps in the 1800s, archeologists have uncovered evidence of sticker use in the ancient world. This evidence was found in Egypt where paper-like substances were found glued to walls and artifacts, highly suggesting that the stickers were price tags and product promotions/descriptions in marketplaces. 

It looks like DIY stickers have always been in fashion! Is it any wonder why? Stickers are the bright and colorful way to help sell goods, decorate items, make a statement, and so much more. Today we are going to delve into how to make your own DIY stickers, but first, here are a few reasons why people are firing up their printers and making their own stickers.

clear printable vinyl for inkjet printers diy stickers cut out

Why Make DIY Stickers?

Decorate to your heart’s content

Whether you are in school or at work, you want to assert your own personality – especially when you are regulated to a desk or cubicle.  When you have DIY stickers, you can liven up your binders, your locker, etc. with anything from gothic symbols to inspirational saying. DIY stickers allow you to bring a bit of yourself into spaces where conformity is the norm.

Build a team

Running a marathon with friends? Hosting a fundraiser? Organizing a bridal shower? Instead of expensive matching t-shirts (and the hassle of getting everyone’s size and deposit for them), simply print out a few sheets of DIY stickers. It’s the much more affordable way to give everyone on the team an identifying symbol they can easily put on their shirt. You’ll even have extra stickers for your team or group to take home as souvenirs.

How to Make Your Own Stickers

There are countless reasons to make your own stickers. If you are ready to get started, just follow these three easy steps.

infographic of how to create DIY stickers


This is the fun part! Since you’ll be printing onto blank sticker paper, there is no limit to how you can design your stickers. Printable sheets for DIY stickers come in 8” x 11”; you can use a template like the label ones by Avery to create rows of smaller stickers that you can cut out, or you can make large poster-sized stickers. Any design program, from Paint to Word to Canva, etc., can be used. If you are not overly creative, hop on Fiverr and hire someone to create your design.

Choose your sticker paper

Royal Elements has a variety of sticker paper for both ink jet and laser printers. Choose from glossy white or clear. Some papers are “waterslide,” meaning you can adjust their position until the adhesive sets, which is a great option when you are affixing stickers to hard objects. If you need your stickers to last longer and endure the outdoor elements, add clear laminating sheets to your order.


Check your printer settings to see if you need to put the DIY sticker paper with the backing side up or down and ensure you are matching the correct paper to your printer (ink jet or laser). Then it’s just a matter of hitting that print button.


That’s it! In three easy steps you have created your own stickers and can now use them to express yourself, promote products, have an event souvenir, or help with team building. 

Royal Elements Has What You Need for DIY Stickers

There is no need to buy massive packs of sticker paper from wholesale companies. When you need a small batch of paper for DIY stickers, Royal Elements has what you need. Our site also has instructional tutorials and full descriptions of all our products. When you need DIY stickers, start with Royal Elements.

Don’t compromise your creations – get the royal treatment with our specialty papers for DIY stickers. Our vinyl or laminating sheets ensure your stickers stay firmly protected from rain and snow outdoors, while our waterslide paper means you don’t have to fret about positioning your stickers right the first time. Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications, waterslide paper allows you plenty of time to find the ideal spot for your sticker before the adhesive dries. Need a shiny finish for an indoor sticker? Then choose our glossy photo paper to make the colors on your DIY stickers pop. See these options and more in our online store at: www.amazon.com/royalelements.

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