How to Make Stickers for Custom Tumblers and 6 Reasons Why You Should Start NOW

There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there making custom tumblers. 


There are just as many people customizing plain tumblers. 


Whether you are making tumblers from scratch as a small business or want to customize a tumbler for yourself, Royal Elements can help. 


We have stickers for tumblers to create one-of-a-kind cups. 


printable vinyl on tumbler

Who Needs a Tumbler?

Everyone needs a tumbler. These reusable cups are suitable for cold and hot drinks. They help keep plastic bottles and disposable drinkware out of our landfills. Having a tumbler at your desk, in your gym bag, or in your vehicle reminds you to stay hydrated during your day too.

Reasons to Use Printable Vinyl for Tumblers

Entrepreneurs know that tumblers are big business right now, especially when they can be customized with their client’s name and favourite graphics. Crafty people that like to make personalized gifts are into customizing tumblers too – especially during the holiday season.

But what if you don’t have a lot of space for equipment and decorating supplies? What if you are having trouble coming up with a way to transfer your designs to the tumbler?

The fastest, most affordable way, with the highest ROI, is to use stickers for tumblers. Here is why:

Stickers for Tumblers are:


  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Can be done in small batches (one for a single client or a matching set for a business or family)
  • Stickers do not take up a lot of space – perfect for the home business or crafter
  • Huge ROI for small business owners
  • Customized tumblers are always the perfect gift; they are useful and unique
waterproof printable vinyl on tumbler
Royal Elements Matte Printable Vinyl on Tumbler

How to Create Custom Stickers for Tumblers

Making your own stickers for tumblers is literally as easy as one, two, three.

1. Select Your Paper and Waterproofing Method

Royal Elements is the one-stop-shop for everything your need for stickers for tumblers. Choose from clear, white, or glossy sticker paper, but that’s not all! You can print your stickers on waterproof paper, or choose a laminating top sheet to make normal sticker paper more durable. Don’t worry if you are bad at centring your stickers on the cup. Waterslide paper doesn’t set right away. With Waterslide, you can affix the sticker then slide it right into position.

2. Designing Your Stickers for Tumblers

You can use any design program you like. Use Word for names and poems. Use Canva to have free access to backgrounds, fonts, and graphics. You can even freehand in Paint or put your Photoshop skills to work.

For more than one identical sticker, use a template from Word or Avery. This allows you to select the shape you want and have your design automatically spaced evenly over the page. What a time saver! 

3. Print Your Stickers

We have sticker paper for inkjets and laser printers. No printer? No problem! Most copy shops, like Staples, allow you to bring your design in on a USB stick, or email it to the store. This is especially handy if you need to print a larger batch for a big order. Just make sure you check with the store first to see if their printer is an inkjet or a laser.

That’s it! In three easy steps you have stickers for tumblers for your clients or as gifts for your friends.

clear waterslide decal paper tumbler royal elements
Royal Elements Waterslide Decal on Yeti Tumbler

More about Royal Elements

Here at Royal Elements, we understand small business owners. We understand the people that have a side gig and put their products on sites like Shopify and Etsy. We understand the home crafters. We understand the people that love to make their own gifts. What do all of you have in common? It’s so very hard to get small batches of the items you need! You can get small batches of sticker paper at Royal Elements.

Our sticker paper is suitable for an incredibly diverse array of applications: stickers for tumblers, iron-ons for fabrics, bumper stickers, signs, logos – there are many ways both entrepreneurs and crafters use our stickers. With Royal Elements you will always have:

  1. Very competitive pricing 
  2. Easy, direct ordering and shipping through Amazon
  3. The ability to buy in small batches – no cases of sticker paper needed! You can get just a box or two as needed
  4. Outstanding customer service

Whether you need the best sticker paper for tumblers or any other project, turn to Royal Elements.

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