Six Quick and Easy Steps to Make Your Own Bumper Stickers

Although their first iterations were metal or cardboard signs attached with wire, bumper stickers have been around since 1927. Despite their popularity, adhesive bumper stickers didn’t make an appearance until the 1940s. Once they did, however, it wasn’t long until bumper stickers evolved to include bright colors, silk screening, and vinyl.

The digital revolution brought about another change. Now, with a computer and color printer, anyone can make high-quality bumper stickers at home. Today Royal Elements explains how to make your own bumper stickers, but first, a quick peek at the many reasons why you may want to in the first place!

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Reasons to make your own bumper stickers

1.     It’s a fast and affordable way to advertise your small business, side hustle, or e-commerce store.

2.     Bumper stickers have a very high return on investment when bands sell them as merchandise at performances.

3.     Make a statement! Bumper stickers have always been a great way to express where you stand on important issues.

4.     Brag. There is no shame in proudly declaring that your kid is in dance, cheerleading, football, or a prestigious school.

5.     Make someone’s day. There is nothing like a funny bumper sticker to cheer up other drivers on a long commute.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need:

1.     The right paper: Adhesive, easy to use, durable, waterproof sticker paper will make your bumper sticker look good for years.

2.     A color inkjet or laser printer: Ensure you choose the paper that is formulated for your printer.

3.  Laminating sheets: Royal Elements has cut/peel/stick laminating sheets to waterproof your bumper stickers, so you won’t need a laminating machine.

How to make your own bumper stickers: the process


Now that you have all your materials, it’s time to get creative! In six easy steps you’ll have your own custom bumper stickers.

1.     Layout: Use Word, Paint, or download one of the many free templates online to set the layout of your bumper sticker.

2.     Size: The average size of a bumper sticker is 3” x 11.5”. That’s large enough to be highly visible without being obtrusive.

3.    Design: The slogan, logo, colors – that’s all up to you. However, avoid defamatory, negative, racist, profane, and inflammatory words and visuals. There is no need to incite road rage, which affects your safety and the safety of other drivers.

4.     Print: Double check your printer to see if you need to put the sheet in with the backing side up or down. It varies depending on your printer’s make and model.

5.     Cut and Laminate: Cut out your sticker and cut out a corresponding protective sheet of laminating paper. Place and stick the lamination over your bumper sticker.

6.     Apply: Now your bumper sticker is ready to be applied and displayed. Thanks to paper technology like waterslide, you can reposition your sticker until the adhesive sets. No more peeling and re-sticking to get it straight.

Fast, fun, and affordable – Less than $35 for a bundle of bumper sticker material!

With Royal Elements, a pack of sticker paper and laminating paper can cost as low as $35 and since each pack has multiple sheets, you can make quite a few bumper stickers for that price – an excellent idea if you are selling them. Alternately, make just a couple and have enough supplies left over for custom stickers, labels, and other fun designs.

Check out our sticker paper and laminating packs today and create the bumper stickers you need to promote your brand or express yourself.

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